Publications in 2023

M. Richter, J. Sikorski, P.Makushko, Y. Zabila, V. K. Venkiteswaran, D. Makarov, S. Misra
Locally Addressable Energy Efficient Actuation of Magnetic Soft Actuator Array Systems
Advanced Science 2302077 (2023). URL PDF

Y. Liu, G. Lin, M. Medina, M. G. Noguera, D. Makarov, and D. Jin
Responsive Magnetic Nanocomposites for Intelligent Shape-Morphing Microrobots
ACS Nano 17, 8899 (2023). URL 

O. M. Volkov, D. Wolf, O. V. Pylypovskyi, A. Kákay, D. D. Sheka, B. Büchner, J. Fassbender, A. Lubk, and D. Makarov
Chirality coupling in topological magnetic textures with multiple magnetochiral parameters
Nature Communications 14, 1491 (2023). URL PDF

F. Porrati, S. Barth, G. C. Gazzadi, S. Frabboni, O. M. Volkov, D. Makarov, and M. Huth
Site-Selective Chemical Vapor Deposition on Direct-Write 3D Nanoarchitectures
ACS Nano 17, 4704 (2023). URL

H. Xiao, S. Li, Z. He, Y. Wu, Z. Gao, C. Hu, S. Hu, S. Wang, C. Liu, J. Shang, M. Liao, D. Makarov, Y. Liu, and R.-W. Li
Dual Mode Strain–Temperature Sensor with High Stimuli Discriminability and Resolution for Smart Wearables
Adv. Funct. Mater. 33, 2214907 (2023). URL 

K. Chen, C. Luo, F. Baudelet, A. Maurya, A. Thamizhavel, U.K. Rößler, D. Makarov, and F. Radu
Evidence of the anomalous fluctuating magnetic state by pressure driven 4f valence change in EuNiGe3
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 14, 1000 (2023). URL PDF

V. Rubio-Giménez, G. Arnauts, M. Wang, E. S. Oliveros Mata, X. Huang, T. Lan, M. L. Tietze, D. E. Kravchenko, J. Smets, N. Wauteraerts, A. Khadiev, D. V. Novikov, D. Makarov, R. Dong, and R. Ameloot
Chemical Vapor Deposition and High-Resolution Patterning of a Highly Conductive Two-Dimensional Coordination Polymer Film
Journal of the American Chemical Society 145, 152 (2023). URL