Highlights in 2024

03/2024Paper featured as a cover of Nature Electronics
Our paper on the discovery of the nonlinear Hall effect in elementary Bi thin films is highlighted as a cover of Nature Electronics.

We demonstrate that in the elemental (semi)metal bismuth, the room-temperature nonlinear Hall effect is generated by surface states that are characterized by a Berry curvature triple: a quantity governing a skew scattering effect that generates non-linear transverse currents. The strength of nonlinear Hall effect can be controlled on demand using an extrinsic classical shape effect: the geometric nonlinear Hall effect. We performed high harmonic generation experiments to show the potential of polycrystalline Bi thin films for optoelectronic applications in the terahertz (THz) spectral domain.

This work is result of fruitful cooperation of the HZDR team with the group of Prof. Carmine Ortix (University of Salerno, Italy).

P. Makushko, S. Kovalev, Y. Zabila, I. Ilyakov, A. Ponomaryov, A. Arshad, G. L. Prajapati, T. V. A. G. de Oliveira, J.-C. Deinert, P. Chekhonin, I. Veremchuk, T. Kosub, Y. Skourski, F. Ganss, D. Makarov, C. Ortix
A tunable room-temperature nonlinear Hall effect in elemental bismuth thin films
Nature Electronics 7, 207 (2024). URL PDF