Publications in 2013

D. Makarov, C. Ortix, L. Baraban
Guest editorial - functional magnetic nanomembranes
SPIN 3, 1302001 (2013) URL


K. J. Manke, A. A. Maznev, C. Klieber, V. Shalagatskyi, V. V. Temnov, D. Makarov, S.-H. Baek, C.-B. Eom, K. A. Nelson Measurement of shorter-than-skin-depth acoustic pulses in a metal film via transient reflectivity
Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 173104 (2013) URL 

R. Streubel, D. Makarov, J. Lee, C. Müller, M. Melzer, R. Schäfer, C. C. B. Bufon, S.-K. Kim, O. G. Schmidt
Rolled-up permalloy nanomembranes with multiple windings
SPIN 3, 1340001 (2013) URL 

M. Melzer, A. Kopylov, D. Makarov, O. G. Schmidt
Stretchability and self-healing of wrinkled GMR multilayers on elastomeric membranes
SPIN 3, 1340005 (2013) URL 

G. Lin, L. Baraban, L. Han, D. Karnaushenko, D. Makarov, G. Cuniberti, O. G. Schmidt
Magnetoresistive emulsion analyzer
Nature Scientific Reports 3, 2548 (2013) URL PDF

D. Makarov, D. Karnaushenko, O. G. Schmidt
Printable magnetoelectronics
ChemPhysChem 14, 1771 (2013) URL PDF

V. M. Fomin, E. J. Smith, D. D. Karnaushenko, D. Makarov, O. G. Schmidt
Asymmetric drag in oscillatory motion: ratchet effect without an asymmetric potential
Physical Review E 87, 052122 (2013) URL 

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