Publications in 2022

S. Li, P. Cao, Fali Li, W. Asghar, Y. Wu, H. Xiao, Y. Liu, Y. Zhou, H. Yang, Y. Zhang, J. Shang, D. Makarov, and R.-W. Li
Self-powered Stretchable Strain Sensors for Motion Monitoring and Wireless Contrl
Nano Energy 92, 106754 (2022). URL

D. D. Sheka, O. V. Pylypovskyi, O. M. Volkov, K. V. Yershov, V. P. Kravchuk, and D. Makarov
Fundamentals of Curvilinear Ferromagnetism: Statics and Dynamics of Geometrically Curved Wires and Narrow Ribbons
Small 18, 2105219 (2022). URL PDF

D. Makarov
Topological magnetic field textures
Nature Nanotechnology (News & Views) 17, 109 (2022). URL

D. Makarov, O. M. Volkov, A. Kákay, O. V. Pylypovskyi, B. Budinská, and O. V. Dobrovolskiy
New Dimension in Magnetism and Superconductivity: 3D and Curvilinear Nanoarchitectures
Adv. Mater. 34, 2101758 (2022). URL PDF