Invited Talks in 2018

D. Makarov
Exchange-driven chiral effects in curvilinear magnetism: theoretical abstraction or experimental observable
Workshop “Topological Phenomena in Quantum Materials”, Dresden, Germany

D. Makarov
Shapeable magnetoelectronics with sensitivities to geomagnetic fields and below
2018 International Workshop on Nanomembrane Origami Technology, Shanghai, China

O. Volkov
Theoretical and experimental study of curvature effects in nanomagnetism (plenary)
XIV International Conference on Applied Physics and Electronics, Kyiv, Ukraine

D. Makarov
From curvilinear magnetism to shapeable magnetoelectronics (plenary)
XIV International Conference on Applied Physics and Electronics, Kyiv, Ukraine

D. Makarov
Intelligent materials and devices
Advancing Science through International Cooperation: Forum of the Ukrainian Research Diaspora, Kyiv, Ukraine

D. Makarov
Electronic skins for augmented reality and cancer treatment
Seminar at the Kyiv Academic University, Kyiv, Ukraine

D. Makarov
Spintronics with magnetoelectric antiferromagnetic thin films
2018 Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS), Mainz, Germany

D. Makarov
Spintronics with thin film magnetoelectric antiferromagnets
2018 Gordon Research Conference “Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Materials”, Lewiston, USA

D. Makarov
Spintronics of thin film granular antiferromagnets
23rd International Colloquium on Magnetic Films and Surfaces, Santa Cruz, USA

T. Kosub
Purely antiferromagnetic magnetoelectric RAM
Energy Materials and Nanotechnology Meeting, Berlin, Germany

D. Makarov
Magnetic smart skins for augmented reality
18th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, Brussels, Belgium

D. Makarov
Curvilinear nanomagnetism
Condensed Matter Theory seminar, University of Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

T. Kosub
Magnetoelectric Cr2O3 for purely antiferromagnetic memory
International Ceramic Congress, Perugia, Italy

D. Makarov
Spintronics of thin film granular antiferromagnets
International Workshop on Magneto-Electric Actuation, Magneto-ionicsand Related Phenomena in High-Surface Area Materials, Gavà-Barcelona, Spain

D. Makarov
Magnetic Functionalities for Flexible Interactive Electronics
6th International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism, Antalya, Turkey

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