Principal Investigator

 Name Phone E-Mail Room
 Dr. Denys Makarov
+49 (0)351 260-3273


 Name Phone E-Mail Room
 Rainer Kaltofen +49 (0)351 260-2395


Dr. Tobias Kosub+49 (0)351 260-2900t.kosub(at)hzdr.de851/109
Tetiana Voitsekhivska+49 (0)351 260-2900t.voitsekhivska(at)hzdr.de851/109
Dr. Rico Illing+49 (0)351 260-2572r.illing(at)hzdr.de851/107
Dr. Oleksii Volkov+49 (0)351 260-2186o.volkov(at)hzdr.de851/108
Dr. Julian Schütt+49 (0)351 260-2900schuet26(at)hzdr.de851/109
Dr. Minjeong Ha+49 (0)351 260-2900m.ha@hzdr.de851/106
Dr. Ingolf Mönch+49(0)351 260-2395i.moench@hzdr.de851/123

PhD Students

 Name Phone E-Mail Room
Gilbert Santiago Cañón Bermúdez+49 (0)351
Xu Wang+49 (0)351 260-2186wang.xu(at)hzdr.de851/108

Research Assistants

Hagen Fuchs
        Topic: Micromagnetic insight into the DMI in thin magnetic films
        Topic: Smart Sensorics


Dr. Jin Ge (Researcher)
Mo Liang (Research Assistants)
Asser Elsayed (Master Student)
Anastasia Kruv (Master Student)
Ana Lebanov (Master Student)
Wenya Song (Master Student)
Daniil Karnaushenko (PhD Student)
Dmitriy Karnaushenko (PhD Student)
Michael Melzer (PhD Student)
Gungun Lin (PhD Student)
Dr. Robert Streubel (PhD Student)
Dr. Nicolás Pérez Rodríguez (Researcher)
Alexander Kutscher (Student Assistant)
Karsten Rost (Master student)
David Stein (Student Assistant)
Dr. Luyang Han (Researcher)
Alexander Kopylov (Researcher)
Cornelia Krien (Technician, Permanent staff member at the IFW Dresden)
Irina Fiering (Technician, Permanent staff member at the IFW Dresden)
Sandra Hölzer (Project Manager)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration
under grant agreement no 306277.