Dr. Martin Kopte

Researcher ID: A-6737-2015

Google Scholar: Martin Kopte

Short biography

Martin Kopte finished his studies at the University of Technology Dresden, Germany, in 2012 obtaining a Diploma in Physics doing research on exchanged coupled Sm-Co/Fe thin films. In the same year he joined the emerging group for Magnetic Nanomembranes led by Dr. Denys Makarov at the IFW Dresden as a PhD student.

Research interests

  • Spin-orbit-coupling phenomena
  • Magnetic coupling phenomena

Projects involved

  • EU FP7-ICT FET Young Explorers "CNTQC"
    Curved Nanomembranes for Topological Quantum Computation
  • DFG research grant proposal #MA 5144/2-1
    Rolled-up architectures for magnetic racetrack memory applications


  • German Physical Society (DPG)
  • Verein zur Förderung der Sächsischen Physikolympiade

Selected publications

  • V. Neu, S. Sawatzki, M. Kopte, C. Mickel, L. Schultz
    Fully epitaxial, exchange coupled SmCo/Fe multilayers with energy densities above 400 kJ/m
    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 48, 3599 (2012)
  • M. Kopte, S. Sawatzki, L. Schultz, V. Neu
    The nucleation of the spin spiral in epitaxial SmCo5/Fe/SmCo5 exchange spring trilayers
    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 47, 3736 (2011)